Vote Row B For Better Government!

For the first time in almost two decades, Scarsdale Village voters will have a choice on March 21, 2017 of a full slate of outstanding candidates for Mayor and Village Trustees with significant expertise to address the challenges before us.

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Scarsdale’s Choice

Scarsdale High School seniors are turning eighteen
Yet this is the first contested election they’ve seen

With choice at polls now there’s reason to vote,
Status quo the frustration, Voters Choice the antidote

Since 1999, Scarsdale median income has fallen
And inflation-exceeding budgets keep the tax man a callin’

The Ryan reval train wreck raised our fiscal awareness
Of the importance of determining property tax fairness

Roads, water, and sewers are aging; starting to crumble
Some repairs are done but there is reason to grumble

We love the trees, the community, the services and all
But it’s hard to make our voices heard inside village hall

Thoughtful budgeting and fiscal prudence are attainable
Let’s keep the Scarsdale we love in a way that’s sustainable

For a positive change, think the party of Voters Choice
Tuesday, March 21st pick row B; use your vote as your voice.