Why We Are Supporting the Voters Choice Party

by Phyllis and Melvin Leitner

We have been residents of Scarsdale for over 42 years and plan on staying in this wonderful community that has brought us and our family much happiness and pride, despite the fact that our taxes remain one of the highest in the country.

When our children were young, we were very involved with volunteering for school activities and engaged in local activities.

But, until now, we have not been active politically. What has “shaken us up” has been the latest unnecessary and capricious revaluation of our homes. It appears that we, and others in more modest homes, have been given tax increases, while many of those whose homes and properties are valued in the multi-millions have had their taxes decreased. The government in power has chosen to ignore and resist any of the peoples’ objections to this incompetent revaluation.

The Voters Choice Party has given us hope that with its philosophy and pragmatism, we would have a government in Scarsdale that would represent all the people and consider those of us “empty nesters”, many on fixed incomes who make great contributions to Scarsdale, both financially and voluntarily.

We are hopeful that a new administration, which promises to be more fiscally conservative and transparent and inclusive of the general populous, would serve us well.

That’s why we are voting for Bob Berg for Mayor, Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez, Carlos Ramirez and Robert Selvaggio for Trustees.

Phyllis and Melvin Leitner have lived in Heathocoate for over four decades.

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