When Trees Fall in Scarsdale, Do Trustees Hear Them Or Us?

Are you perplexed about this tree thing? There seems to have been a lot of heat (but not much light) generated by Scarsdale government in crafting a new tree ordinance – drafts and re-drafts, and comments from unaffiliated members of the public during Village meetings that seemed to have been unanimously in opposition to it. Do you wonder, then, why this ordinance was approved by the Scarsdale Citizen Non-Partisan Party’s Board of Trustees and approved unanimously no less? Do you wonder if there was evidence of any significant support for this proposal outside of the vocal interest group that agitated for it? Or, like me, did you perceive a groundswell of opposition? Moreover are you wondering if there is any reason to think this is anything more than another Village Hall solution in search of a problem? Are you wondering whom these Trustees represent?…Read More