We Will Vote for the VCP

by Howard and Frieda Weitz

Change. Why does that word send shivers down the spine of so many people? But change is inevitable. People’s views change, social values change, and governance necessarily adjusts to these changes. So why is it so shocking to many people in Scarsdale that four extremely capable citizens seek to use their abilities in betterment of our Village?

As 50-year residents of Scarsdale, we have continually, up until last year, made the assumption that our Village runs like clockwork under its one-party system. As complications of finance, taxes and infrastructure escalated, we realized that by adopting a two-party system, the challenge to the status quo attitude of our Board of Trustees is a benefit to our Village. That is why we welcome and will vote for the VCP and hope they are successful in this election. ”

Howard and Frieda Weitz have been Heathcoate residents for five decades.

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