The Time Has Come For A Clean Sweep!

by Greg Soldatenko

It’s time for a breath of fresh air. The Village of Scarsdale is a wonderful place full of talented, professional residents. The Voters’ Choice Party slate of candidates for Mayor and Trustees bring precisely the skills and experience needed to usher Scarsdale Village government into the 21st century. Bob Berg, alumnus of Amherst College and of the University of Chicago, holds an MBA in addition to being a partner at a law firm where he litigates consumer fraud and securities fraud lawsuits. Bob will not be afraid to make decisions based on the best interest of our Village and certainly won’t hide behind dozens of expensive and ineffective outside consultants in an attempt to insulate himself from the consequences of making decisions necessary for good and transparent Village governance. He has the skill set necessary to review the work of Village staff to make sure that contracts are appropriately negotiated so that we won’t have additional Ryan reval style debacles.

I have listened to Bob Berg and the candidates for Trustees, Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez, Carlos Ramirez and Bob Selvaggio, express their views on how to manage our already wonderful village in a way that is thoughtful, responsible and sustainable. They are not proposing radical departures in the operation of our beautiful hometown, but rather are wise enough, strong enough and bold enough to acknowledge that the current path we are on is unsustainable. We must leverage the generous revenue that is streaming into our Village coffers into a coherent long term plan that will provide for sustainable quality of life in our Village in a Park for all members of our community.

It is the purveyors of the status quo that brought us to this unfortunate situation where no one bothers to even try to control tax increases through careful budgeting and appropriate stewardship of the hard earned money collected from the members of our community. The challenges that we Scarsdalians face at present have largely come about because no one has been minding the proverbial store. The other slate is a continuance of the status quo that have shown no appetite for shouldering the challenges of finding a better path forward. The time has come for a clean sweep. Vote Line B for the professional, experienced and talented members of the Voters Choice Party and bring a breath of fresh air to the still corridors of Village Hall.

Greg Soldatenko is a long-time Heathcoate, Scarsdale resident. He is Co-Founder and General Manager of East Math LLC.

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