Scarsdalians should have a choice: Scarsdale Inquirer

by Michele Braun

To the Editor,

I am puzzled by a letter in the March 3,2017, Inquirer titled “Beware of alternative facts….” I have questions: Why oppose citizens having choices as to who will represent them? If an objective of Scarsdale’s nonpartisan system is to avoid divisive politics, why invoke invective to attack those with other views?

Today, the term alliterative facts implies lies. But many articles published in this very newspaper have exposed questionable practices in the village assessor’s office and by the contractor, J.F. Ryan Associates, hired to do the 2016 revaluation. The texts of documents released in response to legal Freedom of Information Law requests provided this information. In addition, the village is withholding payments from Ryan, considering legal actions against his firm and contemplating spending for an outside assessment of the assessor’s office. These are facts; there is nothing alliterative about them.

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