Open to hearing from all candidates: Scarsdale Inquirer

by Maryellen Saenger

To the Editor,

I will never take for granted the hard work and dedication of those who serve the Scarsdale community, particularly in governance. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Citizens Nominating Committee in soliciting and screening candidates for these vital managerial roles.

That said, I am also looking forward to meeting and hearing from the new slate of candidates, particularly given the extensive due diligence conducted by some of them on the 2016 revaluation.

I am grateful to Mayra Kirkendall- Rodriguez and her husband for their continued hard work and efforts on behalf of those adversely impacted by the faulty 2016 revaluation. And, on a personal note, I want to thank Trustee Matt Callaghan for all that he has done for the village ofScarsdale. This resident is very pleased to have the option to potentially elect a combination of candidates from both parties, and thanks all who are running for office.

Vernon Road

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