Let the Sun Shine in at Scarsdale Village Hall

The myth is that our Scarsdale Village government is transparent, responsive to our residents, forthcoming, and open and honest in its dealings with the public.

The reality, sadly, is otherwise. This is perhaps best exemplified by the Village Board’s continuing unexplained refusal to reappoint the eminently qualified and hard-working volunteer, Jane Curley, to the Board of Assessment Review. Ms. Curley, a long-time resident, is a former NYS-licensed real estate appraiser and real estate agent who professionally validates financial models for large banking institutions. Instead, Ms. Curley was replaced by a completely unqualified newcomer to Scarsdale, a resident who has lived here only for two years and who has absolutely no real estate background whatsoever. But NY State law requires that members of the Board of Assessment Review be experts in valuing real estate in their locality. The three continuing members of the Board of Assessment Review objected to this action and demanded an explanation. The Village Board refused to respond to their request. So did Ms. Curley. She too was rebuffed. Is this how valued Village volunteers should be treated by our elected Village leaders? Really disgraceful behavior…Read More