It’s time for Bob Berg as Scarsdale mayor: Scarsdale Inquirer

by Kamal Mehta

To the Editor,

For the last several years, I have observed Bob Berg and the other members of the Voters Choice Party stand up for the citizens of the village of Scarsdale. They boldly voice concerns on people’s minds and they do the heavy lifting for the betterment of our community at large.

Bob Berg’s deep engagement, with both the school district and village government, his ability to proactively anticipate major issues, his knowledge of village affairs, and his demand for transparency and accountability in governance are all needed at this time. Villagers of Scarsdale are up in arms regarding incompetence and tax dollar waste. , We are lucky the Voters Choice Party slate is available to serve. Now is the time to elect Bob Berg as mayor and his team as trustees.

Kamal Mehta
Rochambeau Road

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