Informed Choice is Good for Democracy

by Geetha and Sunil Subbakrishna

Kudos to the League of Women Voters of Scarsdale for hosting the Village Trustee debates. We were very encouraged by the turnout, the discussion, and the atmosphere of the event. It was useful to directly hear from the candidates. Hopefully such forums will encourage more voter participation.

While we know and respect both candidates, we support Bob Berg for Mayor. At the debate, Bob demonstrated his excellent grasp of the complexities of Village Government. He is willing to take a stand when needed, but only after thoroughly researching all aspects of an issue. This makes him capable of recognizing and tackling the ineffective parts of our government, while leaving the well-functioning parts alone.

The Village faces complex, contentious issues such as the overall level of taxation, the conduct of tax assessments, and the condition of our infrastructure. The community needs leadership at Village Hall that recognizes these challenges and is open to considering fresh, innovative ideas and solutions. We believe that Bob Berg is best suited to address these challenges as our next Mayor.

Geetha and Sunil Subbakrishna
Lockwood Road

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