Giving Scarsdale Voters a Choice, Hamlethub

by Robert Selvaggio

Why am I stepping up to serve the residents of Scarsdale? My personal and professional lives are already full and fulfilling. I am the co-owner of a small, but thriving financial consulting business, Rutter Associates in mid-town Manhattan, a Metro North commuter, a busy husband and dad, first and foremost, and my wife Lisa and I are currently paying a medical school tuition and saving up for what looks to be two B-school tuitions.

The answer is that we’re no different than most of our neighbors – we love living here, and hope to be able to continue to afford living here as we grow older.   Totally broke when we took the plunge and bought our house 23 years ago, our family has done well here. We want young families to continue to move in, while we keep Scarsdale affordable for those who transition to fixed incomes and for those whose incomes have not been growing nearly as fast as the rate of tax increases.  I’m stepping up as an ordinary Scarsdale citizen who wants to help bring fiscal responsibility and tax fairness to our community.

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