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Scarsdale Mayor and Trustees Should Stop Tilting at Windmills

It seems that Village government preoccupation with inflicting tree ordinances on our residents has not subsided and now some in government are stoking hysteria about gun shops and vape shops that have shown no interest in situating themselves in Scarsdale to begin with.

I have to ask, “why are you wasting time on these, and whose agenda are you advancing?”

Do you have any data whatsoever that show widespread community support for your enhanced penalties on homeowners who have the temerity to take down their own trees? Were surveys taken or focus groups organized?..Read More

Scarsdale Mayor Should Stop Wasting Our Taxes to Suppress Our Free Speech

Scarsdale Village Board of Trustees is spending our tax dollars to suppress our First Amendment right to free speech in a federal law suit. Earlier this year, lawn signs supporting the school bond began disappearing from our front lawns. When residents reported these as having been stolen, they learned that the Scarsdale police had removed them as instructed by Scarsdale Village government…Read More

Need Research and Conversation about Distributed Antennae Systems

Tonight, I would like to discuss my concerns regarding the installation of distributed antenna systems around our town. I was disappointed to learn that when a I was told that a current Scarsdale resident communicated with Mayor Hochvert to express her concerns associated with the biological safety of this wireless technology, the Mayor responded to her concerns saying that this technology is safer than cell phones. As a researcher of wireless radiation, I beg to differ, the Chair of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Yale University, Dr. Hugh Taylor, also begs to differ, and dozens upon dozens of independently funded, peer-reviewed scientific publications, also beg to differ…Read More

Why Scarsdale Village’s Tax Scheme Will Not Work

The Village Board’s 95% tax evasion scheme hasn’t a ghost of a chance of passing muster with the US Treasury. No reasonable person believes that curbside collection of table scraps or intermittent repair of our roads really qualify as charitable endeavors, or that property tax payments have ever been a form of charity. This feckless scheme is nothing more than a cynical CYA response by a group called out for producing a budget document that contained not a single word about tax reform’s virtual non-deductibility of property taxes and for passing a budget with no plans for relief to Scarsdale taxpayers…Read More

Losing and Winning with Tax Reform

My informal and unscientific polling leads me to conclude that Scarsdale residents believe that our village, county and school property taxes should be deductible from our state and federal income taxes. We as a group feel that the same income should not be taxed multiple times, and that it is at the local level where our tax payments benefit us most directly (and where we have the most control over taxing and spending). And we generally feel that the belt-tightening imposed on us by Albany and Washington is not accompanied by commensurate belt-tightening from those geographies…Read More