An Interview with Voters’ Choice Party Candidate Robert Selvaggio

by Joanne Wallenstein

Bob Selvaggio is running for Village Trustee on the slate of the newly formed Scardale Voters’ Choice Party. To find out where he stands on village issues, we asked him a series of questions and received the answers below:

How long have you lived in Scarsdale and what do you like about living here?

Lisa and I moved to Scarsdale from Manhattan twenty-three years ago. We chose Scarsdale for our excellent public schools, but also for our exceptionally low crime rate, our intellectual, cultural, political and religious diversity and tolerance, and easy access to the city and activities we enjoy. We like being in a small town where we number so many neighbors as friends and the sense of community we feel even when shopping in our local markets, dining in our restaurants or commuting on Metro North with folks we’ve been riding with for years and even decades.

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